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3G Unrestrictor for Android? - YouTube.

3G Unrestrictor 5 - iPhone app which tricks applications into believing they are on WiFi even though they are on a mobile 3G connection to allow things, which usually only work on WiFi. This allows you to use FaceTime, Photo. 2014/05/21 · A proof of concept video showing an Xposed module similar to "3G Unrestrictor" on jailbroken iOS devices. If you're wondering how this video shows that, YouTube normally doesn't show the "HD" option on 3G, only HQ. 2015/04/28 · Popular Alternatives to 3G Unrestrictor for iPhone, iPad, Chrome OS, Chrome, Software as a Service SaaS and more. Explore apps like 3G Unrestrictor, all suggested and ranked by the AlternativeTo user community.

How to android root 3g unrestrictor android root One Click Root apk is one of the best software available that could be used to root a mobile device. Millions of satisfied customers successfully rooted their mobile phones and tablets. 2013/10/13 · 3G unrestrictor made it easy on my iPhone to "trick" all apps into behaving as if the phone was connected to wifi. VOIP was easy, as were youtube and market / app store restrictions. The biggest reason I want this feature is so I can. 2014/12/13 · Hey guys what's going on? I was curious if anyone here know why no unrestricted 3g type app exists for android? I would imagine something like this would be doable with root but I havent yet found anyone whose made this. I would. 2011/05/07 · The next video is starting stop. 動画好きで外出が多いと言う方には必見アプリ!屋外で3G回線やLTE回線でも高画質でYouTubeを視聴することが出来ます。 3G Unrestrictor もう先程書いたんですが3G回線やLTE回線をWiFiに偽装してくれるアプリです。偽装することによって.

2017/07/02 · 3G Unrestrictor 5 iOS 7 & 6 5.7-2 In this version:-New iOS 7.x compatibility-New iOS 7 Design for the config app-Fixed FaceTime support on 7.x-Fixed Many, many, many bugfixes Misc Support for the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and. 2009/07/20 · YouTube TV - Live TV like never before Loading. Now including HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, and much more. Working. No thanks Try it free Find out why Close 3G Unrestrictor Run Around Tech Cancel. ようは3GまたはWIFIで繋がっているように誤魔化せたらいいのですがそういったツールは Androidには無いようです。 iPhoneには「3g unrestrictor」と言うツールがあるらしいですが。 3Gで実際に通信が出来なくても繋がっていたらOKなのでは. 2019/11/06 · Buonasera! Ho googlato parecchio, ma senza troppi risultati. Avrei bisogno di un equivalente di 3g unrestrictor per android. In pratica questa app di cydia permette di far credere al nostro cell di navigare su rete wi-fi, quando in realtÃ. 2011/01/25 · How to setup a Android phone to be used with the BSNL 3G network. Experiment Free Energy Generator With Copper Wire 100% For New Ideas 2019 - Duration: 8:30. Amazing Tech Recommended for you.

2011/02/14 · yes that's an Iphone jailbreak app. However i'm trying to see if there's an app that will allow me to trick my phone into thinking it's constantly on wifi since i'm having issues with my slingbox on 3G. any help would be appreciated. 2019/12/20 · First of all is there restriction download speed for the verizon 3G service like AT&T and if so is there an app or a hack to un-restict it? 3G Unrestrictor v2.1, with iOS 4 firmware and iPad support, is now available for download in Cydia Store. 3G Unrestrictor tricks iPhone apps into thinking they are on WiFi, even though you are on 3G or EDGE. 3G Unrestrictor v2.1. 2011/05/11 · Atrix Because I have the moto atrix on att I would like to have something to un-restrict my 4g because like updates to my gps app require wifi and I have had a couple of apps that said they required it to update. Is there any recent.

This means you can for instance access wifi-only features while on 3g. If you're used to iOS, it's the android equivalent of 3g Unrestrictor or My3G. Tested on Android KitKat 4.4.2, play store working over ppp ! Lollipop support. 2010/01/04 · 3g unrestrictor - 我又有問題了請問一下,我有裝3g unrestrictor我要如何在iphone中看出YouTube是跑出什畫質因我在3g unrestrictor設定開、關我看起來都差不多.iPhone 第1頁. 21.ホーム画面に『3G Unrestrictor』が出現 [3G Unrestrictorの設定] 01.3G Unrestrictorを起動 02.[Edit]をタップ 03.[]をタップ 04.回線偽装を行ないたいアプリを探してタップ 05.複数のアプリを回線偽装したい場合は03.04.を繰り返す.

3G Unrestrictor is available in Cydia, just use the search to find it. To install 3G Unrestrictor you need to follow the steps given below: 1. Open Cydia on your jailbroken iphone. 2. Once the data is loaded, go to search and type in. 3G Unrestrictor loads itself into every application that you setup to be unrestricted and then modifies it to make it think it is on a WiFi network, even though it is on 3G. The application asks an iPhone function "What kind of All it.

3G Unrestrictorによる3G回線でも擬似的にWi-Fiにして、部屋を立てることができる ※脱獄は自己責任 このように、3G Unrestrictorの設定からP2Gを有効すれば部屋が立てれる テザリングでも部屋をたてることができる 注意事項. 3g unrestrictor 5 ios 7 & 6 の使い方を教えてくださいサイトに書いてあるものはすこし古いバージョンのものばかりなので、最新バージョンのやつの使い方教えてください うーん使用方法は、•To un〜that と書かれたところ. デバイス単体でAppStoreからアプリの好きなバージョンをインストール or ダウングレード or アップデートすることが出来る【AppStore】ですが、150MB制限を排除するオプションが追加となっています!ご使用の環境にもよるの. 「3G Unrestrictor 5」 3Gや4Gなどのモバイル通信をWiFiに偽装してくれるアプリです。モバイル回線をWi-Fiに偽装することによって、モバイル回線では制限されていることが出来るようになります。例えば、YouTubeの画質を自由に調節.

『Mobile Substrate』改め、『Cydia Substrate』がiOS 7対応となりました。これによりiOS 7に対応した多くの脱獄アプリが使用可能になっているのですが、iPhone 5sなどのA7デバイスでは「iOS 7対応. >Yiさんコメントどうもです。しかしこの記事は古いですね。。iOS5.1.1時代に書いたものです。現状のデバイスの種類とiOSのバージョンはいくつですか?ちなみに最新記事(iOS6.1対応)では3G unrestrictorは紹介していません。.

2012/01/29 · 搜索3G Unrestrictor。此为付费软件,用$3.99购买后才能安装喔!上面两个源能安装到3G Unrestrictor破解版免费的哦。 安装后在桌面就显示Unrestrictor图标 Step2. 安装后我们直接点击3G Unrestrictor 图标,进入设置画面。在. 3G Unrestrictor 5 Cracked Website:Facebook: /iDemoJailbreaks Twitter: /iDemoJailbr.

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