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Star Wars Fan Film Newsbites

There’s more fan films made about Star Wars than any other franchise, so it stands to reason that movies related to George Lucas’ space saga would generate more news than the others. Last week saw FCT cover everything from ex-Star Wars stars making their own fan productions to purported Troops action figures. This week, the pace doesn’t slow down either, but I’m going to try to cram it all into one post this time.

There’s been a big buzz across the internet over the last week or two for a fan film that has appeared under a number of different names, like Death Star over San Francisco and Imperial Fleet Week Hits SF. Regardless of the title, it’s simple but intriguing stuff—enthusiast Michael Horn shot tourist-like footage of landmarks in the City By The Bay, and then worked in massive elements of the Imperial Empire into them. It’s cool, subtle and perhaps a little awe-inspiring in places. You can read a good, short interview with Horn explaining how he did it, over at the official Star Wars Blog.

In other Star Wars fan film news, more filmmakers are trying to network—there’s now the Star Wars Fan Film Wiki, which I don’t hold out a lot of hope for, and the , which is slowly growing. Check ‘em out if you’re curious or have something to contribute.

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