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Homemade Hollywood Gets io9 Rave Review! is the biggest Sci-Fi website on the planet, and that’s not just me saying that; it’s a fact. So I’m pretty damn excited that they wrote up my fan film book, Homemade Hollywood, on Thursday—and the best part is, they loved it! Editor-in-chief Annalee Newitz’s review starts out calling the book “terrific” and then [...]

FCT Roadtrip Report: Mass Bay Film Project

Wednesday, I flew up to Gloucester, MA to run a night of fan films and discussion of the history of fan films, and it went pretty well. Rob Newton, head of the Mass Bay Film Project, hosted; the evening was part of his organization’s current ’60 Films in 33 Days’ festival, kicking off its current [...]

Reach Out With Indy Mogul’s Gattling Gun Arm

Those sick, twisted, disturbed souls at Indy Mogul (and I say that in the nicest way possible) are at it again. They always have interesting stuff that they show you how to make for tens of dollars—such as the Hellraiser Good Samaritan gun—but recently, they came up with a bizarre weapon that’s begging to be [...]

Superman: The Super 8 Movie Returns!

Tonight, I’ll be hosting a night of fan films/author talk at the Mass Bay Film Project‘s new home, the Cape Ann Community Cinema in Gloucester, MA (Wednesday, Oct. 29). On Monday, I also mentioned that I’d be screening a super-secret fan film tonight that was shut down by lawyers in the late 1990s—it hasn’t been [...]

Super Secret Fan Film Announcement Tonight!

I promised that today, I’d reveal the legendary lost fan film that I’ll be screening at the Mass Bay Film Project’s fan film night/author talk, being held tomorrow (Wednesday, October 29) at the Cape Ann Cinema in Gloucester, MA. Well, the details are ironed out, but you’re gonna have to wait until the stroke of [...]

Nintendo Wii Fan Film: There Will Be Brawl

Remember the other week, when I wrote about some kids in Georgia who are making a film for class based on Super Mario Brothers? Turns out someone else has already been there, done that with the fairly exciting (and funny) There Will Be Brawl, a parody of the popular Super Smash Bros. Brawl video game [...]


So you live in Eastern Massachusetts and you have a boring week ahead. Take this Wednesday, for instance: Nothing to do! The Red Sox didn’t make the World Series, so you won’t be watching the game. TV is dead on Wednesday nights, and you can’t go out drinking (OK, shouldn’t), ’cause you’ve got work the [...]

FCT Poll: Is The Economy Affecting Your Fan Film?

I usually don’t post on Sundays, but I thought I’d try something new. [polldaddy poll=1043325] function change_color(input, id) { var obj = document.getElementById(id); if (obj) { = “#” + input.value; //alert ( + ” for ” +; }} .color_viewer { border:1px solid; width:70px; background-color:#ffffff; padding-left:10px; } var platform=’wordpress’; var rel_url = document.location.href.replace( /[\?#].*/, [...]

Should Fan Films Go Pro? The Pros & Cons…

C.E. Dorsett over at Project Shadow brought up one of my favorite fan film debate topics recently in his fun essay, Dream of a Fandom Economy, arguing that studios, publishers, etc. should cherry-pick the best fan-made efforts and release them professionally. It boggles my mind how many companies want to hold to their existing business [...]

Star Wars: Dark Resurrection Nabs Fan Film Prize

Star Wars: Dark Resurrection, Part 1, an hour-long movie by Angelo Licata, took “Best Fan Film” at the Third Annual Tri-City Independent/Fan Film Festival, held in conjunction with Tri-City Comic Con (TC3) in Pasco, WA on October 11th, 2008. The 7,000-Euro, Italian fan production follows Jedi Master Sorran, who starts an obsessive quest for Eron, [...]

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