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Clive YoungClive Young is the author of Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind The Camera (Continuum Books, December, 2008), the first book to explore the world of fan films, from its secret history to its legality today, to what it means for Big Media tomorrow. He has reported on the fan film phenomenon since the mid-Nineties, and has been interviewed by the Times of London, Los Angeles Times, Newsday and others as an expert on fan film culture. Additionally, he ran Mos Eisley Multiplex, the first website devoted to fan films, from 1998-2000; during that time, USA Today named it a “Hot Site of the Day.” He will appear in the upcoming documentary, Jedi Junkiez, discussing fan films, and has given many lectures on fan productions at universities, conventions and libraries.

Young is also the author of the well-received [Backbeat Books, 2004], which profiles 72 of the world’s greatest rock concert roadies about their work.

Additionally, he has written for MTV, VH1, American Songwriter, Goldmine, Gig, Music Business International and other publications. Young and two friends won the unaired pilot for VH1′s The World Series of Pop Culture in 2005, thanks to their extensive knowledge of Star Wars, chick flicks and the music video oveur of Billy Squire.

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