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Legendary Banned Warhammer 40,000 Fan Film Damnatus Leaked Online

After two years stuck in legal limbo, the now-legendary Warhammer 40,000 fan film, Damnatus, has been released online as a Bit Torrent file. The German feature-length film, which reportedly took four years and $15,000 to produce, is based on a popular series of role-playing table-top games, and is one of the most ambitious fan productions [...]

Star Trek: The Next Generation Gets Its Own Fan Film

Most Star Trek fan films either follow Captain Kirk and the gang, or they take place on entirely new starships—all of which makes a new flick from Vancouver, Star Trek: Chains of Betrayal all the more unusual, because it’s a Next Generation story. While the ultra low-budget flick has some great laughs, the movie actually [...]

I Assure You We’re Open!

Hi there! We’re baaaack! Up and running, for good this time. The blog is finally completely off of, and home in a new comfy hosting site. Enjoy the new digs. function change_color(input, id) { var obj = document.getElementById(id); if (obj) { = “#” + input.value; //alert ( + ” for ” +; [...]

Fan Cinema Today Gets New Look For 2nd Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of Fan Cinema Today, so to celebrate in style, the site has undergone a redesign to make it easier to read, more fun to explore and generally cooler. Some of the new features include: THE HEADER The pitch black header at the top of each page is gone, replaced by [...]

Something is Afoot for FCT’s Second Anniversary

Monday, January 26 marks the second anniversary of Fan Cinema Today, and there’s some cool surprises planned that should hit the site that day. Tune in next week to check it out! function change_color(input, id) { var obj = document.getElementById(id); if (obj) { = “#” + input.value; //alert ( + ” for ” + [...]

Podcast Picks Top Trek, Star Wars Fan Films

Fan Film Feeder is a new video podcast and accompanying blog by Donald D. Dienst (I’m sure there’s a joke to be made there about 3D, but I’m too tired to find it). The gist is simple enough: Dienst chooses a fan film he likes, makes it available as a downloadable podcast, and announces on [...]

Star Trek Fan Film News: Hidden Frontier, More

Star Trek is a massive universe (even if it’s supposed to be our own) and the legions of fans that support it are just as huge. As a result, there’s always enough going on within Trek fandom that any given week, there’s bound to be a few fan film news stories to tell. To whit: [...]

Steve Martin Broke Into Movies at Disneyland Thanks to Oldest Living Fan Film Filmmaker

Now how’s that for a tabloid headline? Even stranger, it happens to be true. Well, sort of. Robbins Barstow, who at 89 is still making amateur movies, shot a fan film in 1936 when he was 16. The story of Barstow and that flick—Tarzan and the Rocky Gorge—are covered in-depth in my book, Homemade Hollywood, [...]

Little Indiana Jones: A Mini-Epic Fan Film

When it comes to Raiders of the Lost Ark sequels, you can find out what happened before it took place; what happened when Indy was considerably older; or what happened when he was really old. So what happened when he was only a little older—like maybe a week older? He got younger. At least that’s [...]

New Hunt For Gollum LOTR Fan Film Trailer, More

The release of the highly anticipated Lord of the Rings fan film The Hunt For Gollum draws ever closer. Here’s your proof: the awesome new trailer is now available online and holy smokes, this thing looks good. Director Chris Bouchard wrote in to tell us about the trailer and said, “This is quite a big [...]

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