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New Batman Fan Films, Part 3: Little Batman

Over the last few days, I’ve been highlighting new Batman fan flicks that are currently in production, all hoping to hit the internet roughly around July 18, when The Dark Knight in theaters. Today, I’m highlighting one that’s actually finished. If you want to see an unusual—but terminally cute—fan film, look no further than The [...]

New Batman Fan Films, Part 2

Any time a big franchise movie comes out, it inevitably motivates fans to grab a video camera and make fan films. The upcoming July 18 release of The Dark Knight in theaters, however, has inspired a number of intrepid filmmakers to shoot their own flicks beforehand, in hopes of releasing them in time to surf [...]

New Batman Fan Films, Part 1: Batman Madman

With Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls out of the way, it seems like the next big franchise movie that people are looking forward to this summer is The Dark Knight. As proof of that anticipation is running high, there’s a number of Batman fan flicks that are aiming to come out [...]

The Fan Film Book Gets Final Edits

So I wrote this book about the history and future of fan films, called Homemade Hollywood. You may have noticed the cover over there on the right; it looks cool, but unfortunately, the stuff on the inside isn’t done yet. I mean, it’s written and all laid out, but Continuum Books isn’t releasing it until [...]

Shhh! Max Payne Fan Film Revived…sort of

We’ve covered the untimely demise of the Max Payne fan film, Payne & Redemption, a few times here on FCT, and it’s all been bad news. Now, finally there’s something good to report. As you may recall, Fox, the major studio that owns the movie rights to the popular video game character, forced the small-time [...]

Back To The Future Fan Film Pages Doc Brown

Do you live in Minnesota and look like Doc Brown from Back to the Future? Dang, you have my sympathies. However, you might at least have one thing going for you: You could star in a Back To The Future fan film, where you’d get to hit the infamous 88 MPH in an honest-to-God DeLorean, [...]

Fanboys Finally Nearing Completion

The upcoming feature film, Fanboys, about a group of Star Wars fans trying to break into George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, originally started out as a fan film in 1998. Powered by dreams and a budget of less than $1,000, the fan flick was never made, but a few years later, the script was sold to [...]

BloodRayne Fan Film Interview, Part 2

Yesterday, I ran Part One of my interview with Vera VanGuard, writer / producer / star of the recent fan production, BloodRayne: A Fan Film. It was a frank discussion that included the immortal line, “I wanted to show that I can do more than…kick ass or have my ass kicked—I can be funny too.” [...]

BloodRayne Fan Film Interview, Part 1

A few weeks ago, I featured BloodRayne: A Fan Film, a 10-minute slice-and-dice fest featuring the heroine of the popular video game series. Set in Nazi Germany, the flick follows the wisecracking titular character as she hunts down her father—a vampire—so she can kill him (imagine what holiday dinners must have been like in that [...]

Ain’t It Cool News’ Anti-Fan Film Stance

“Moriarty” (AKA Drew McWeeny) has always been one of my favorite writers on Ain’t It Cool News (AICN), not merely because I tend to agree with his observations, but also because he tends to temper his reviews. On a site that never met an exclamation point it didn’t like (which is part of its charm), [...]

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