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Analysis: Fan Films Leading To Comic Crackdown?

One of the more interesting panels this past weekend at the New York Comic Con was closed to the public. Friday’s “Comics Publishing: Review and Outlook” featured some truly heavy-hitters, including: Paul Levitz (President & Publisher, DC Comics), whose low-key demeanor belied the fact that he was surprisingly candid with numbers (for instance, the Watchmen [...]

Fan Film Review: Beagle

(2005) 3 minutes. United States. One of the most intriguing and unsung observations ever concerning Generation X was floated a decade ago by a rather unlikely source—not a sociologist, psychiatrist or historian, but rather Rob Fulop, programmer of the video game Missile Command for the Atari 2600. Speaking in the documentary series Once Upon Atari, [...]

News: New York Comic Con 2007 Wrap-Up

The second NY Comic Convention was a hit this past weekend, sloughing off the bad planning and extreme crowd control that marred the inaugural 2006 edition. Instead, this year’s event gave fans what they’d wanted all along–a great con with lots to do, whether you were a collector, gamer, cosplay enthusiast or even a fan [...]

Gray Areas: New York Comic Con Top Picks

Last year saw the debut of the New York Comic Con, and it was the biggest thing to hit NYC since King Kong punched a few picture windows in the side of the Empire State Building. The city that never sleeps hadn’t had a proper, full-on con in years, and it was greeted with great [...]

Analysis: Fan Films and the Rule of Threes

Many journalists believe in the Rule of Threes: One thing happening by itself is an oddity, and two things that are alike taking place is a coincidence, but find three similar events occurring and suddenly you’ve got yourself a bonafide trend. Well, hold on folks, ’cause fan films are about to get trendy—which means Paris [...]

Review: Ryan Vs. Dorkman (RVD1)

After doing the big write-up on RVD2 yesterday, I realized that I hadn’t seen the original Ryan Vs. Dorkman in a few years, so as the week builds to the premiere of the sequel on Saturday, I figured it would be a good opportunity to go back and revisit the original. It’s probably pointless to [...]

News: Ryan Vs. Dorkman II Premieres Saturday

It’s one of the most anticipated fan films of recent memory and it’s debuting in less than a week: Ryan Vs. Dorkman II will hit the big time Saturday, with simultaneous public screenings in Los Angeles and New York. The L.A. showing will be held at the Wilshire Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills, and [...]

News: Fan-Created Ad Fad Hits Star Wars

Hasbro is jumping on the “user-created advertising” bandwagon with its new Show Us Your Lightsaber Contest, running through March 11. Entrants must make a short video clip or ad where they use–and therefore have purchased–the new Force Action Lightsaber (oooh, ahhh), and then post it to the contest’s own special YouTube group. Entries are not [...]

Gray Areas Update: 5-25-77 Teaser Poster!

Yesterday, our Gray Areas section was devoted to a lengthy article about 5-25-77. Written and directed by Patrick Read Johnson, the semi-autobiographical comedy mixes fan films, Star Wars, coming-of-age hijinks and more, all making for a flick that we at FCT have been wanting to see for years. Our Gray Areas article, however, ended with [...]

Gray Areas: I Wanna See 5-25-77

The date stands as a landmark for many, a day where the world changed forever. Movies would never be the same, people would never be the same, being a ‘fan’ of something would never be the same. The results of that day would filter into politics, religion, sex (and let’s just say it flat out: [...]

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