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Contact Clive About The Fan Film Book!

Got an idea, comment, question or a hot tip? Lemme know about it: function change_color(input, id) { var obj = document.getElementById(id); if (obj) { = “#” + input.value; //alert ( + ” for ” +; }} .color_viewer { border:1px solid; width:70px; background-color:#ffffff; padding-left:10px; } var platform=’wordpress’; var rel_url = document.location.href.replace( /[\?#].*/, ” ); [...]

I’m Writing The First Fan Film Book!

The Good News: I’m starting work on the first ever book about fan films; it’ll be published by Continuum Publishing, and is tentatively titled Homemade Hollywood. The book will explore different aspects of fan flicks, from their rich history, to their sociological impact, to their implications for Big Media in the future. Plus, y’ know, [...]

Analysis: You Don’t Love Me Yet

Author Jonathan Lethem is something of a literary badboy, and his new novel, You Don’t Love Me Yet , plays that up a bit, not necessarily with the plot, which follows an L.A. band during the height of early ’90s alterna-rock, but rather with the book’s promotion. According to this article on, he’s hellbent [...]

Review: Monster Kid Home Movies DVD

The rule of thumb is that you can’t buy fan flicks, because then you’re making money off someone else’s copyrighted characters. Well, most of the time time. There’s a few professional DVDs that bravely circumvent this taking a different route: They feature characters that everyone knows, but which aren’t copyrighted. Monster Kid Home Movies (The [...]

News: Fan Film Quarterly Going On Hiatus

The fanzine, Fan Film Quarterly, which has covered the fan film beat since fall, 2005, is going on extended hiatus with the arrival of its current issue (#7), which was released in mid-March. A member of the armed forces, editor-in-chief David Noble is being sent to Iraq for a year. “I will be shipping out [...]

Gray Areas: The Cult of the Amateur

Over the last few days, I’ve been reading an intriguing book, The Cult of the Amateur, by Andrew Keen (Currency/Doubleday); it doesn’t come out until June, but it’s bound to make a splash in certain circles when it does. The subtitle is “How Today’s Internet Is Killing Our Culture,” and the basic gist is that [...]

Fan Film Review: Lord of the Rings: The Sons of Elrond

When it comes to fan films, one of the places that even the biggest productions skimp is the music. More often than not, it gets liberally ‘borrowed’ from a soundtrack CD or two, whether from the franchise the fan flick is paying tribute to, or another film’s disc that the filmmakers just happen to like. [...]

News: Star Trek: Of Gods And Men Postponed

The big fan film news this week isn’t about something that happened, but rather something that didn’t happen: The mega-production, Star Trek: Of Gods And Men has been postponed yet again. Originally expected to debut around Christmas, 2006, part of the three-part, 90-minute feature was re-scheduled to be made available for download from the ST:OGAM [...]

Gray Areas Update: Harry Potter Fan Films

Those who enjoyed last week’s ruminations on Harry Potter fan films will be happy to learn that one of the two dramatic flicks I mentioned, Sirius Black and the Secret Keeper, actually is online after all. Thanks to its costumer/ associate producer, Erin Pyne, for the tip. She’ll make her screenwriting/directing debut when her new [...]

News: Going Blind…Festival…And No News

There’s a few news items today, so we’ll just do ‘em in one chunk: We start with something quite newsworthy…except that we’ve been asked not to name names while the folks involved figure out what to do next, so welcome to FCT‘s first blind item ever: What fan film got hit with a cease and [...]

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