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Gray Areas: The Alternate World of Fan Edits

“The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all.”—-Mark Twain That assessment still rings true today, and whether you’re a fan filmmaker or a professional director, few things sting more than learning that the world thinks your movie reeks like a diaper full of Doors albums. Of course, while the old [...]

Analysis: I Don’t Heart Huckabees Outtakes

Yesterday, one of this week’s big internet buzzes, the Star Wars Steampunk drawings, came up in the daily FCT posting. Today, it’s the other big buzz of the nanosecond: two bootleg outtakes of Lily Tomlin and director David O. Russell losing their respective shit on the set of I Heart Huckabees. If you were offended [...]

Fan Film Review: Really Old School Star Wars

I don’t normally like to invoke the same franchise two days in a row on FCT, but there’s no ignoring the whirlwind buzz surrounding Eric Poulton and his series of drawings envisioning a Steampunk Star Wars universe. (And what is Steampunk, you ask? Picture modern, attitude-laden Sci-Fi written way back when by Jules Verne or [...]

News: Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge

AtomFilms and Lucasfilm have tweaked their annual Star Wars fan film contest this year. They’ve changed the name (it’s now the Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge); the categories (“serious” fan films are allowed); and the prize money (Before: Up to $2,000; This year: Zilch). The contest challenge submission deadline is April 30. We’ve always had [...]

Update: Pink Five in Star Wars: Allegiance

At the recent New York Comic Con, author Timothy Zahn confirmed that his new Star Wars novel, Allegiance, features a “walk-on part” of Stacey, the heroine of the Pink Five fan films. Speaking at the Star Wars: Beyond 30 panel, which Del Rey Publishing held about its various Star Wars books and audio books, Zahn’s [...]

Analysis: Too Much Of A Good Thing?

It’s been pointed out more than once that this site tends to feature shorter fan films—and it’s true. Short fan movies, running under 10-12 minutes, tend to be more fun, more memorable and generally better than their longer counterparts. This point of view runs against the prevailing wisdom about pretty much everything else in modern [...]

Review Update: The Green Hornet

Way back in the old days—OK, back in January during this site’s first week of existence—FCT reviewed the excellent Green Hornet fan film from France. Now, after various failed attempts to get the character on the screen, the movie is back on again…maybe. Below is the press release sent out Tuesday, verbatim. Any superlatives do [...]

Fan Film Review: Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good

There are far more recent Ghostbusters fan films, ones that are longer and others which have something akin to plots. But it’s hard to not to like Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good—90 seconds of simplicity from the late Nineties, back when the web was the toast of Wall Street, Alternative Rock was just giving way [...]

News: FanForce Film Contest; I-Con Reminder

Yep, I know that two other major fan film contests have been announced recently, but in the interest of timeliness for this story, we’ll talk about those other two next week. Pittsburgh Comicon will be hosting a fan film contest this year as part of The 3rd Annual NorthEast FanForce Awards Ceremony on Saturday, April [...]

Gray Areas: I Was A Teenage Movie Maker

Donald F. Glut (pronounced “Gloot”) was a pioneer fan filmmaker, who began making movies in the 1950s, producing a staggering 41 shorts before he got out of college. Now, 50 years later, they’ve all been gathered up as bonus extras on Glut’s new DVD, I Was A Teenage Movie Maker. The heart of the two-disc [...]

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