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Homemade Hollywood Gets A High Five From SciFi

scifi coverSciFi Channel is fun to watch, but I’ve always been partial to their magazine, the imaginitively titled SciFi Magazine: The Official Magazine of The SciFi Channel. Like many publications based primarily around movies and TV, it follows what’s hot at the moment, but it nonetheless keeps the fan’s point-of-view in mind, and always calls- a dud a dud. What I’m trying to say is: It’s a credible resource, and one that I’ve respected for a while.

So today, I picked up the latest issue on the way to work–the Watchmen one in that photo—and lo and behold: They reviewed my book about fan films, Homemade Hollywood! Apparently this has been out for a few weeks; nobody tells me anything. Not only did they give it an “A,” but it was reviewed by a name I knew: , a guy with more than a few pop-culture books under his belt, which means it got scrutinized by someone who knows his stuff; that it came out unscathed is an honor unto itself, IMHO.

Well, if you can’t brag on your own blog, where can you brag? Here’s the review:
Homemade Hollywood review-scifi
What can I say? I’m stoked. So, this is the end of the post, but it’s also the part where I mention that if you wanna buy a copy, they’re cheap on Amazon. Alternately, ask for it at your local library!

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One Response to “Homemade Hollywood Gets A High Five From SciFi

  1. Congrats on the review fella. Good stuff. Keep on keeping on. Always great things on your site.

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