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Star Wars Fan Film on a US Navy Missile Cruiser

In the realm of fan films, there’s been lightsaber battles on , in machine shops and, of course, don’t forget that perennial favorite, the woods. However, this one, , might just beat them all if only for the location: the USS Shiloh.

Engineers on the USS Shiloh (CG 67) spent five months making the flick, and as they describe it, the short “involves two Engineers (for non-Navy folks, they would be the grunts who work on engines, turbines, etc.) who handle a misunderstanding the only way two Navy Sailors should…with a lightsaber fight that takes them all throughout and around the ship.” Apparently it was a huge hit with the crew when they finally screened it for them.

This isn’t the first fan film-related effort produced during off-hours by the US Military; there’s also the 1970s claymation flick, Star Trix, which was made at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California (which I wrote about extensively in my new book, Homemade Hollywood, and the late fan film zine Fan Films Quarterly, which was produced by Army major David Noble until he put it on hiatus due to getting sent to Iraq (he’s now back safely, I believe).

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