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Classic Star Wars Fan Films on DVD For Free!

A decade ago, internet video was a complete disaster;  you could spend days downloading a 5-minute video the size of a postage stamp, only to have it stutter along when you finally played the movie on your computer. Those days are thankfully gone, but the desire to watch a fan film in high-quality video on [...]

Star Wars Fan Film on a US Navy Missile Cruiser

In the realm of fan films, there’s been lightsaber battles on deserted planets, in machine shops and, of course, don’t forget that perennial favorite, the woods. However, this one, Star Wars, Episode 67: The Seeds of Betrayal, might just beat them all if only for the location: the USS Shiloh. Engineers on the USS Shiloh [...]

Fan Film News: Heroes, Potter, My Book, & More!

The “fan film speed news” format was so popular the other week (fan film news in two sentences or less) that here’s another batch of stories: • Not only is NBC’s Heroes a show for nerds (and I say that having never missed an episode, even at the depths of last season), it also stars [...]

Aussie Star Wars Fan Film Suburban Knights

In the wake of San Diego Comic Con, I put FCT on a week-long moratorium when it came to anything related to Star Wars, The Dark Knight or the SDCC; needed to cleanse the palate a bit, ’cause eating too much hype ain’t good for you. Now we’re going to re-introduce those topics to our [...]

Review: Ryan Vs. Dorkman (RVD1)

After doing the big write-up on RVD2 yesterday, I realized that I hadn’t seen the original Ryan Vs. Dorkman in a few years, so as the week builds to the premiere of the sequel on Saturday, I figured it would be a good opportunity to go back and revisit the original. It’s probably pointless to [...]

News: Ryan Vs. Dorkman II Premieres Saturday

It’s one of the most anticipated fan films of recent memory and it’s debuting in less than a week: Ryan Vs. Dorkman II will hit the big time Saturday, with simultaneous public screenings in Los Angeles and New York. The L.A. showing will be held at the Wilshire Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills, and [...]

News: Fan-Created Ad Fad Hits Star Wars

Hasbro is jumping on the “user-created advertising” bandwagon with its new Show Us Your Lightsaber Contest, running through March 11. Entrants must make a short video clip or ad where they use–and therefore have purchased–the new Force Action Lightsaber (oooh, ahhh), and then post it to the contest’s own special YouTube group. Entries are not [...]

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