Little Kids Recreate Pulp Fiction, Win Film Fest Award

pulp-fictionThe Sixth Annual Oxford Film Fest was held this past weekend—in Mississippi, not England—and like most independent movie festivals, it handed out awards for things like Best Documentary, Animation, Experimental, Narrative, and so forth.

And then there was The Greasy Spoon Award for Best Performance by an Oxford Resident in the Recreation of a Diner Scene from a Major Motion Picture.

The nominated scenes included Five Easy Pieces, Back to the Future and When Harry Met Sally, but the winner was the So-Wrong-It’s-Right Pulp Fiction opening scene, re-enacted by Jess Edge and Claire Franklin—who are both under 10. See the movie and more after the jump.

The short was produced by Micah Ginn, Matthew Graves, and Joe York of the Media and Documentary Projects Center at the University of Mississippi. At Saturday night’s awards ceremony, Edge and Franklin were presented with the 1st annual Greasy Spoon Plaque, which they’ll have to share.

Get ready for a perverse mix of Tarantino, the Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation guys (who were from Mississippi, incidentally) and the rightfully forgotten Scott Baio/Jodie Foster flick, Bugsy Malone.

[via Live For Film]

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