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Fan Film Follow-Ups: Star Ranger 7, Dark Knight, Mega Man

Star Ranger 7-5

Fan Cinema Today covers a lot of fan films; some are awful while others are brilliant, but given the rate of turnover around here, sometimes even the more interesting efforts can wind up fading into distant memory.

Every so often, we’ll realize, “Hey, whatever happened to that one?” Well, in the interests of both attempting to be moderately thorough and bringing good things back to light, here’s some updates on a few choice movies from Fan Cinema Today blogposts past. If you have a favorite fan film that you want an update on, leave a note in the comments and we’ll see what news we can dig up for you. In the meantime:

Star Ranger 7, the cool original sci-fi movie by the braintrust behind Superman: The Super 8 Movie—Special Edition, recently was the subject of a nice making-of article at Creative Mac. This one got written up a few times, most noticeably in mid-December when everyone had their minds on the holidays instead.

• Jeremy Knox of Film Threat—whose founder, Chris Gore, wrote the awesome foreword to my fan film book, Homemade Hollywood—tries very (as in “too”) hard to be bad ass in his review this week of The Dark Knight Project, a flick FCT covered last July. The final line of Knox’s write-up is “It’s not as good as wanking, but it’s not bad either.” Boy, that belongs on a movie poster, huh?

Eddie LeBron, the filmmaker behind the highly anticipated Mega Man fan feature film (covered by FCT in early December), reports that the film’s trailer has now been seen more than 300,000 times across the net. “I’m currently in post-production; the film is, as the title states, based off the 1987 video game of the same name. Our goal with this film was to make the most faithfully adapted video game film to date…something Hollywood can’t seem to get right.”

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  1. Hey… it’s Film Threat. I was expecting to get torn apart and was very pleased they liked it so I’ll take their testimonial with pleasure lol.


    Producer/Director of “The Dark Knight Project”

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