Skull Island: A King Kong Fan Film Prequel!

king kong eric kessler stop motion animationKing Kong is a classic movie, but (Spoiler alert for maybe three people on the planet) the problem is that the monkey dies at the end. That never stopped Hollywood from making lots of cheesy sequels, but if you’re a die-hard fan who’s respectful of the original 1933 flick, how do you make a King Kong fan film? You pull a George Lucas and do a prequel—and that’s just what Eric Kessler has been doing.

Aiming to ape the work of classic stop-motion animator Willis O’Brien, the budding stop-motion animator has been working away for two years on Skull Island, which features Kong battling giant vultures, raptors, a T. Rex, a Deinosuchus, a Spinosaurus and more. Garage Kit sculptor Chuck Yagher produced the King Kong and T Rex animation models Kessler uses in his film. If you dig the teaser below, Kessler has from the work-in-progress on YouTube to enjoy.

[via Constant Monster]

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