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Metal Gear Solid Fan Films–Pretty Flimsy?

metal gear solid project snakeLast summer, I wrote about Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy, a European fan film based on the Konami video game that A) looked pretty good, and B) was going to come out in 2008. Well, it has yet to turn up, so let’s explore some other fan productions based on the popular shoot ‘em up.

To be honest, the majority of what’s out there isn’t that impressive. The best of the rest, it turns out, is a comedic take on the hero Snake and his missions. Project: Snake – Low Budget Espionage follows the hero as he makes his way through a nuclear research facility overrun by terrorists. The flick was made the guys at X-Strike Studios, who have a history of making video game-oriented fan films based on titles like Resident Evil, Slient Hill, Parappa The Rappa, River City Ransom and more. Their amusing teaser trailer is below, but unfortunately, the full movie isn’t online—they expect you to pony up $10 for a DVD of it.

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This next one, made by A. Wind, features a lot of posing and running in what looks to be an abandoned apartment building. None of it makes much sense (in part because I can only read English), but it picks up after the 2:30 minute point.

Finally, there’s the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 2: Regeneration, in which Snake has to prevent the creation of a clone army—or something like that. On the upside, the trailer makes it look like a fairly fun movie; on the downside, a clip is also available online and it’s pretty boring. In both, there’s a certain amount of scenery chewing, so I presume most of it is done with tongue planted firmly in cheek, but you never quite know. Regardless, I kept waiting for the bad guy to yell out “Snake! Why’d it have to be Snake?!” Wrong franchise, I guess.

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One Response to “Metal Gear Solid Fan Films–Pretty Flimsy?”

  1. Matt

    Do we laugh or do we cry? What is this? It isn’t because the creativity isn’t there. So what is happening when they create these films? I realize that some people are just getting into the industry and as you can see not taking it seriously. These films had a chance. What happened.

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