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Friday the 13th Fan Films Go Legal

Ain’t it weird to have a Friday the 13th two months in a row? Last month, the long-running slasher franchise rebooted itself yet again with a feature film that scared up millions at the box-office. Cashing in on that success, a documentary 2-DVD set, , hit stores around the same time. Why is this news on Fan Cinema Today? Because among the many shocktacular features that make it a ‘Must’ for fans of the series, the DVD features Jason Voorhees fan films!

The fan flicks are definitely not the main attraction, and the producers know it, but that didn’t stop them from getting some fun films. Since the DVD set has been getting rave reviews from horror sites across the web, let’s slash cut to the chase and round up their comments on the fan productions—and see one of the fan films—after the jump.

THE HORROR SECTION: Also included on the disc are a bunch of fan films, the funniest of which is the Angry Video Game Nerd reviewing the vintage Nintendo game, Friday The 13th.

OK GAZETTE: A section of fan films is also appreciated, particularly an “Angry Video Game Nerd” episode in which the terrible “Friday” Nintendo cartridge is hilariously raked over the proverbial coals.

MONSTERS AND CRITICS: There are also 15 minutes of “Fan Films,” my favorite being “Freddy vs. Jason As Told In Thirty Second By Bunnies.”

ICONS OF FRIGHT: Next up is a “Fan Films” section. You’ll find the hilarious FREDDY VS JASON in 30 seconds “with bunnies” animated clip here, as well as “The Angry Video Game Nerd”, which if you’ve ever played the FRIDAY THE 13TH Nintendo game, you’ll totally “get”. “JASON HURTS” is a short film by Dave Neabore that we actually posted on ICONS last year! So it’s great to see it here amongst the disc’s features!

After all that, we couldn’t leave you without some Jason fan film action, so enjoy these flicks, give us your opinions in the comments below, and we’ll see you next week!

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