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Fan Film Podcast Debuts Episode 11

Until a month ago, FCT was flying well below the radar. I spent about a year only posting once a month with updates on how writing was going—and that was it. While FCT was MIA, however, a new source of fan film news came along—The Fan Film Podcast—and it’s a lot of fun. My favorite episode so far came out this past weekend: Number 11, featuring the big Fan Film panel at New York Comic Con last month…that I was on.

If you haven’t caught the podcast before, basically, it’s Fanboy Will of and Chris Moshier from hanging out, talking about fan films and interviewing people who make ‘em. The episodes tend to run a little long, but they’ve quickly amassed a who’s who of the fan film world, from brainy IT tech/Lara Croft actress Valerie Perez to the most prolific fan film director of all-time, Chris Notarile. Upcoming episodes will find them talking to Sandy Collora (director of Batman: Dead End—AKA, the Batman/Predator movie), Don Glut (fan filmmaker turned Hollywood pro/author of The Empire Strikes Back novelization) and others.

So, Episode 11: When I was getting ready for the panel, I decided to record it for posterity—and good thing, too; they actually used my recording for their podcast. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to turn my digital recorder on until after I did my main segment of the panel, so it’s a recording of everyone else, with only the occasional quip from moi (I know; you’re heartbroken).

On the panel were Dan Poole of The Green Goblin’s Last Stand; Adam Bertocci (Run Leia Run; Brooklyn Force); Dan Galiardi (Iron Fist: The Dragon Unleashed); Fanboy Will; Chris Notarile: and myself, so it was a nice round-up of us East Coast fan film hoi-polloi (cough, cough). Everyone had a great time, though, and you can hear the camaraderie pouring off the stage. I’m thrilled that they were able to use it for the Podcast, ’cause I think it was a fun event, and it’s cool that it’ll be shared beyond the people who were in the room at the time.

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  1. Christopher Moshier

    Thanks for spotlighting the FFP. Fanboy Will and myself appreciate it. We do tend to run a bit long in some cases. Being the editor of the podcast as long as I find myself entertained while editing I try to keep in as much as possible to what our guests have to say. We will have Clive on closer to the release of his book so keep an eye and ear out for that.

  2. Fanboy Will

    Once again, on behalf of Mr. Moshier and Myself, Thank you much for the kind words Clive :) I’m glad you enjoy our show. Looking forward to having you on!

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