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Fanboys Finally Nearing Completion

The upcoming feature film, Fanboys, about a group of Star Wars fans trying to break into George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, originally started out as a fan film in 1998. Powered by dreams and a budget of less than $1,000, the fan flick was never made, but a few years later, the script was sold to Hollywood.

Shot nearly two years ago, the film has had a complicated, controversial journey to the big screen, which included the removal of director Kyle Newman at one point. The movie blog, SlashFilm, has been on top of the story, however, and recently pointed out two articles that portend good news for those anxiously awaiting the film.

For instance, according to The New York Times, Newman was brought back to the picture in May:

“Fanboys” has attracted attention in Hollywood because its intended distributor, the Weinstein Company, is embroiled in a dispute with the filmmakers over which version to release. There has been a large effort online among young filmgoers to persuade Weinstein to release the filmmakers’ preferred version.

Mr. Newman, in a telephone interview, had encouraging news for the “Fanboys” fans. “I have been brought back into the editing room to work on a final version,” he said, adding: “All the key people are back. That’s all good.”

Expanding on that last week, the screenwriter, Ernie Cline, told UGO in an interview that the final cut is now wrapped up:

I’ve just received word that the director Kyle Newman has just completed a new cut of the movie with the original plot intact, and that it’s the version that will be released later this year. We’re hoping that the Weinstein Co. announces the release date soon.

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