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The Greatest Star Wars Fan Film Set Ever

This is one of those ‘you gotta see it to believe it’ situations. The German Star Wars fan film, Tydirium, has been in on-again / off-again production for years, keeping such a low profile that most fan film fans thought the project had been abandoned. Nope—instead, the filmmakers were building a massive set: the interior of a Star Destroyer. The results are nothing short of phenomenal.

The set, a co-creation shared by two productions,Tydirium and Descendents of Order 66, cost 4,000 Euros and 4,000 manhours of labor to build. Approximately 2,000 screws were used to hold it all together, most of which had have their screwheads sanded off so that the surfaces would look flat and like metal.

Created mostly from wood and junk from Ikea, the set will have a limited lifespan—the set currently resides in an industrial space and must be removed in the fall of 2008. Accordingly, while curious fans are invited to visit the set and walk around, what the filmmakers really want is someone who can store the behemoth in some form. If you can help them out, drop a line at [email protected]. In the meantime, there’s more amazing photos and info on , translated into English from the original German.

UPDATE: Click HERE to see video of a kiddie open house they did before they had to tear it down. Watching little tykes go crazy running down those hallways is a hoot!

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  1. Christopher Moshier

    Very, very interesting. I am one that thought Tydirium bit the farm long ago. It will be interesting to see how they tie all the footage together if they ever even complete the damn thing. GREAT SCOOP!

  2. Andrew Boysen

    Wow, Great news. Thanks for the info. So many really want to see the film finished. Many believe it will have the feel of the first films. Good luck Tydirium Team.

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