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Fan Film Forefather Fosselius–Live!

Ernie Fosselius, left, manning the camera for Hardware Wars in 1977.

Ernie Fosselius, left, manning the camera for Hardware Wars in 1977.

It seems like only yesterday that FCT mentioned erstwhile Ernie Fosselius, director of George Lucas’ all-time favorite Star Wars parody, Hardware Wars, talking about how he has one of the wildest stories in my fan film book, . In fact, it was yesterday; we must have been picking up some telepathy ions in the air or some other such nonsense, because today, we heard that Fosselius will be a Guest of Honor at The 2nd Annual B Movie Celebration in Franklin, IN, September 26-28.

Hardware Wars is not a fan film (it was made by professionals, and they were hoping to make enough profit to break even), but it inspired thousands of fan productions ever since it debuted in November, 1977. Accordingly, if you are a fan film fan and you’re within driving distance of this thing, you owe it to yourself to go say ‘hey’ to the man who inspired many of the world’s best fan filmers (wish I could go; I’m flying to San Francisco that weekend).

So they’ll be fêting and paying tribute to Fosselius, but he isn’t the only draw; the Celebration will feature screenings of over 50 classic B movies, 20 educational seminars and the World’s Largest Beach Party, with the music of The Moon-Rays. Movies will curated by B-movie legend Jim Wynorski. Film Composer Harry Manfredini; Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Studios; Tom Holland, director of Fright Night; and independent horror director Jim O’Rear will also be on hand.

The 2nd Annual B Movie Celebration

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