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Star Wars Fan Film Imperial Chopper Rides Again

There’s a fine line between the pursuit of perfection and ruining a perfectly good thing. Ask George Lucas, and he’ll probably tell you that the former is a filmmaker’s right, nay, duty—as evidenced by his continual reworking of the original Star Wars trilogy, forever to be tinkered with like a hot rod from American Graffiti. Ask a fan, however, and he/she/it is likely to blast off on a rabid rant about how an American classic has been defiled, etc. Yawn.

That said, there are times when such complete dedication to a movie is a good thing. Take fan films, for instance. Once a fan production gets released, usually it’s abandoned as the filmmakers collapse in an exhausted heap, eventually stirring only to move on to a new project, like an original film, or perhaps reintroduce themselves to their family and whatever friends they have left. Once the dust has cleared from the euphoria of releasing a fan project, however, the film’s flaws become increasingly apparent—an issue that most fan directors handle with a simple “Eff it.”

Not so, however, with Cristofer Adrian, the writer/director/producer behind Imperial Chopper.

Originally released three years ago, the fan flick was a Star Wars-themed take on the then-ubiqitous Discovery Channel reality TV show, American Chopper, which starred the brain trust behind Orange County Choppers. While no longer as topical, Adrian’s movie has gotten the Director’s Cut treatment, and is now back on the road, following three years worth of reworking, recutting and remastering. The director and his crew are so proud of their new edition that they’ve just posted , and a downloadable torrent of the flick, complete with printable DVD artwork, is now available at; just scroll down the page and you can’t miss it.

Does the new version bring the heavy metal thunder? Take a look at its new homepage or give it a gander on YouTube, and decide for yourself—and make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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