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Homemade Hollywood Ready To Roll!

printing pressRemember that little book I’ve mentioned only about a billion times? Perhaps you recall how I kept saying it was coming out, month after month…and then it didn’t? Well, the latest news from my publisher, Continuum, is that Homemade Hollywood rolls off the presses on November 14!

From there, it gets shipped out to book distributors who will, you know, distribute it. So in theory… tentatively… maybe… possibly… perhaps it’ll end up on store shelves around the week of Thanksgiving. And if that happens, damn, I’ll be one thankful author.

So, it’s worth mentioning, if everything goes according to plan, I’ll have a bunch o’ books to sell and sign at The New England Fan Experience Convention in Cambridge, MA on the weekend of Nov. 22-23. If you go to the convention, feel free to sit in on the two fan film programs I’ll be doing over the weekend. You’ll have fun, I’ll make lots of stupid jokes and you’ll even get to see a few of the flicks in the book.

If you can’t make it to NEFE, heck, please track down Homemade Hollywood at your local bookshop or on Amazon. Take a photo of yourself with the book, and I’ll put you on the FCT site for the whole world to see. Buy it and you’ll have my eternal gratitude (plus you’ll own a cool book, which is a reward unto itself). And, of course, since it’s the holidays, remember that my little tome makes a great stocking stuffer for the sci-fi, comic book and movie fans in your life—or Grandma if she’s totally weird.

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