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Fan Film Gives Elektra A Hand

elektraEven though Marvel Comics is the biggest comic book company around, the DC Comics characters get all the fan film attention. This week, FCT takes a look at some of the Marvel-based fan flicks that have been flying under the radar.

Elektra is something of an oddity in the comic book world, in that she’s not really a high-profile character, but everyone still knows about her. A few years ago, she made a brief foray into feature films, portrayed by Jennifer Garner in the box-office dud, Daredevil, and then her own headlining, even-duddier flick, Elektra. Then there was a co-starring role in , but otherwise, I can’t recall any other fan productions featuring her. So leave it for Chris Notarile to fill in the gap.

If you’ve never come across a Blinky Productions fan film, you must be new to these kinds of flicks. The guy is a one-man fan film factory, with dozens—dozens—of them to his name, all featuring the forgotten heroes of the comic book world, like (featuring internet cult star Tawnya Manion) and (starring Notarile himself in the wetsuit). Heck, Notarile is so prolific that he even managed to land on the cover of my fan film book, Homemade Hollywood (and inside it, too, for that matter). Now he’s turned his gaze to Marvel Comics for the first time, and the result is his brand-new effort, Elektra (The Hand and the Devil).

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  1. Julian Gift

    I have enjoyed watching some of his fan films and I am looking foward to seeing this one.

  2. Christopher Moshier

    Come on now. I happened to like Daredevil and Elektra. And Daredevil actually made some good coin at the box office. OK! They weren’t the greatest motion pictures in the world, but Michael Duncan Clark baby…he was the Kingpin.

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