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Friday The 13th Meets Christmas

halloween-christmasThe Holiday Season is upon us once again, filled with Christmas cheer and good will toward men, as shoppers shop, carolers carol and Santas…um…sant. None the less, the Holidays can also make you wish ‘Good ill towards man’—say, when some jerk steals your parking spot at the mall, or your in-laws insist on making you suffer through their battle-worn VHS copy of National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation again. It’s right about then that the gift of a meat cleaver under the tree starts to sound pretty nice.

Perhaps that kind of festive spirit was running through the minds of the fan filmmakers behind that new holiday classic, . It’s a simple, heartwarming and yes, slightly disturbing, fan film about family togetherness during The Season, featuring a lovely guest appearance by Jason Voorhees of the Friday The 13th movies.

Jason’s a pretty busy guy when he’s not opening presents or finding arcane ways to kill people in the woods (Or Manhattan. Or space.). Being a serial killer requires stamina, the element of surprise, and of course, supplies, as evidenced in .

Of course, there are occupational hazards to being a crucible of incessant violence: All that killing can make you lonely (I mean, at the end of the day, who’s left that you can turn to?). It’s perfectly understandable then that a killing machine with a heart of gold might look into online dating, as in .

And yet, when it’s all over, each of us is left to wonder—have we really left our mark on the world? The international star behind one of the most inanely durable movie franchises ever doesn’t have to ask that himself, however; it’s been asked for him in

The Michael Meyers Halloween Christmas Special

Jason Goes Shopping

Jason Vs. e-HARMony

Where Are They Now: Jason Voorhees

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