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Fan Film Podcast, Spout.Com Turn Tables on Clive

Clive YoungI’ve interviewed plenty of people here on Fan Cinema Today about their fan films, even more of them for my fan film book, Homemade Hollywood, and heck, I also interview folks for my day job. So it was a weird—and fun—experience to be on the other side o’ the mic for once (or twice!) when I did recently a pair of interviews about the book.

The first chat was with Kevin Kelly, one of the wags over at the illustrious movie news site,, and the other was with the Didactic Duo, Chris Mosier and Fanboy Will, proprietors of the ever-popular Both chats were a blast to do, and man, the FFP guys really know their fan productions—heck, they even zinged me with a fan flick I’d forgotten about from my own sordid past. Meanwhile, the Q&A with Spout covers everything from Hugh Hefner’s old basement movies to why there’s no Sense & Sensibility fan films, plus it includes a few recommendations of my favorite fan movies of the moment. Give it a read—you weren’t getting anything done at work today anyway.

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One Response to “Fan Film Podcast, Spout.Com Turn Tables on Clive”

  1. Christopher Moshier

    Clive was a great guest. We should have part 2 of the interview done this week. Sorry for the delay.

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