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Quantum Leap Fan Film Lands This Month!

Quantum Leap: A Leap to Di forRASCO Motion Pictures stunned fandom a few years ago with Star Trek Vs. Batman, a seemingly terrible idea that was far more enjoyable than anyone would have suspected (see my old review for more). Now the RASCO crew is putting the finishing touches on a new effort that honors yet another cult TV series: Quantum Leap.

The Nineties time-travel show always had a strong following, so it’s sort of surprising that Quantum Leap: A Leap to Di For is the first fan film to add to the adventures of Dr. Sam Beckett. The 60-minute flick lands the hero in August, 1997, faced with the opportunity to save the life of Princess Diana, who tragically died that month in Paris.

The flick, produced entirely in Indiana, will debut on March 27, 2009 at Leapback 2009, a fan convention being held in Hollywood, CA to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show. The fan film will hit the internet a month later on April 18.

As a plus for fans, Deborah Pratt, co-producer and writer of the original Quantum Leap series, is involved with the fan film, reprising her role as the voice of the temperamental hybrid computer, “Ziggy.”

While RASCO’s main force, writer/director Christopher Allen, been working on original films as of late—and will premiere his latest, A Time For The Heart at the IMAX Downtown in Indianapolis on April 18—he’s still excited about making fan films: “My last fan effort (Star Trek vs. Batman) opened more doors for my career than everything else prior to it. No one should underestimate the capability of what fan-based films can do, if done professionally.”

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