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Who You Gonna Watch? New Ghostbusters Fan Films!

gb-poster-2Why wait a few years for Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and the gang to get around to Ghostbusters III? You can enjoy some serious Bustin’ right now with the new fan film series, Ghostbustin’ 911.

Ice Park City Productions in St. Paul, MN created this pseudo-documentary show that follows the local Ghostbusters franchise as they exterminate visitors from the afterlife—with varying degrees of success. The first episode starts slow, but once they start investigating, the show finds its groove. Between zombies, police harassment, a haunted church and a certain famous Saturday-morning stoner, these Ghostbusters fit a lot of fun into their first episode. Their website explains:

Ghostbustin 911 is a not-for-profit, comedic parody of COPS involving camera personnel riding along with the local Twin Cities Ghostbusters squad, investigating reports of haunting and paranormal activities in the area. This project began as an idea to make a short Ghostbuster fan film for public access, and has grown into a large-scale production of an entire season of half-hour episodes, having attracted the volunteer participation of professional local film, music and radio talent. We strive for high quality production value, despite having no budget beyond the meager out-of-pocket contributions of the show’s producers, who also play leading characters.

By turns, it’s dry, subtle, sometimes a bit offensive, and yeah, dull in a few spots, but this is clearly a labor of love and I really enjoyed it. Their season trailer shows some hints of what’s ahead in future episodes—like releasing a ticked-off ghost back into the house of a deadbeat who hasn’t paid his bill yet. Looks awesome.

See the trailer, Episode 1 and more after the jump!

Direct Link to [1766939]

Direct Link to [1800612]

If you’re attending the MarsCON Sci Fi Convention at the Bloomington Holiday Inn Select, on Saturday, March 7th, keep an eye out for Ghostbustin 911. At 10pm in the Theater Room, they’ll show Episode 1 and then hold an advance screening of scenes coming up in Episode 2.

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