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Mortal Kombat Fan Film Gets Noble Influence

FFQWhen it comes to fan films, you don’t see a lot of old-timers helping out the new guys, but that’s what is happening later this week for Influence Films. The fledgling fan film outfit was covered on Fan Cinema Today a few weeks back when I reviewed its Flash flick, The Flash: Crossover, which showed the filmmakers’ potential even though it was fairly flawed. This weekend, the filmmaking team springs into action once again as it begins shooting its second effort in Kansas City: a Mortal Kombat fan film based on the classic video game.

Intriguingly, the Influence Films team got some assistance from a name well-known to longtime fan film fans: U.S. Army Major David Noble, who was profiled in my book, Homemade Hollywood. Noble used to run the now-legendary zine, Fan Film Quarterly, until it had to be shuttered so that he could serve in Iraq (back issues are still available). Since finishing his stint in the Middle East last spring, Noble has laid low on the fan film front, moving on to new postings in the Army and understandably focusing his attention on raising his young family. All of this makes his involvement with the Mortal Kombat flick all the more interesting.

For his part, Noble recently helped the helmers rewrite their film, and will appear in the flick (“I even get to score an acting cameo; I’ve been practicing in the mirror!” he jokes). Early estimates are that the film will be completed in April, and Noble is excited about its prospects: “These guys are really trying hard to do things right by the fan film world. Stay tuned for more MK action thanks to KC’s finest!”

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