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New Paula Peril Flick Out This Month!

paula perilPaula Peril: Mystery of the Crystal Falcon, the new flick from Atlantis Studios, has been completed and will be released online March 19, according to producer James Watson.

As recounted in my book, Homemade Hollywood, Atlantis Studios is an independent Atlanta-based comic book company that began making short films based on its Paula Peril character about three years ago. Each one features fan film actress / writer / producer / explosives expert Valerie Perez as the intrepid reporter. Atlantis first discovered Perez due to her popular Tomb Raider: Tears of the Dragon fan film a few years ago.

Realizing that an official series of Paula Peril films made for fan-film prices could be a boon for the fledgling comic character, Watson commissioned the short Paula Peril: Trapped In The Flames. Since then, a “lost” Peril feature film, Midnight is the Darkest Hour, was shot starring Perez but remains unfinished for reasons unknown publicly; some doubt it will ever be released.

All of that, however, makes the latest Peril installment all the more anxiously awaited. Watson reports, “Valerie Perez and Marla Malcom look great, production values are top-notch, and the story has fun surprises for everyone.” Sounds good to me—time to mark the calendar for March 19.

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