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Doctor Who 2009 US Fan Film Lands In April

doctor who 2009
Doctor Who may be a UK-based TV series, but it has millions of fans around the world. While the good doctor is one of the most popular subjects of fan films, however, almost all those amateur productions are from England. One intriguing exception is the upcoming fan series, Doctor Who 2009, which emanates from the United States.

Set to kick things off April 18 with its premiere episode, “Fire and Ice,” the team behind the production plans to release a series of 13 45-minute episodes on a roughly monthly basis. While the show—and most of its characters—are American, Doctor Who himself will sound English, in keeping with tradition.

See the cool trailer and more info after the jump!

In the episode, Dr. Who meets his new companion, Alice Hemingway, a 25-year-old college student, and goes up once again against the Ice Warriors—villains from the original series’ 1967 season. Check out the trailer, and in the meantime, if you just can’t wait until April 18, check back with the Doctor Who 2009 website on April 11 for a surprise of some sort. Check out the rather stylish trailer and share your thoughts below in the comments—will you watch this when it comes out?

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3 Responses to “Doctor Who 2009 US Fan Film Lands In April”

  1. Borjan Kosarac

    Are you serious?

    This looks pretty neat if you ask me – a much better trailer than the previews used to promote the 1996 movie, at any rate. Is there any way I can watch this down under, in Australia, because I think it’ll be an awesome piece to view, even if it’s not canon. Of course, it’s too early to really judge, but I reckon that the trailer alone would bring in audiences worldwide if it were official.

    Please reply!

  2. cliveyoung

    They’ll be releasing it on the net in a few weeks, so I imagine anyone could watch it that way. If you mean being able to download it and view it on your TV, then that might be a problem–I presume they shot it in NTSC format, and Australia’s TVs are PAL format. Then again, there are a number of UK folks involved in the flick’s production, so perhaps it’s being done in both formats—unlikely, but you never know. That’s a question best sent to the film’s producers.

  3. Borjan Kosarac

    Great! So that means I should just go on the official site to watch it then, does it? Brilliant! It’s a great idea, and it’ll give me my annual taste of Who if nothing else. I don’t care that it’s mostly American, I’d watch Who if the companions were African!

    Thanks for the message!

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