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Intrepid To Intercept J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek?

starship intrepidAlthough it’s been a while since Star Trek: Intrepid debuted a new episode, that doesn’t mean the fan series has been abandoned; in fact, the show has three episodes in various stages of production, and four more on deck, waiting to get underway.

Right now, the filmmakers’ focus is squarely on finishing post-production for its next release “Transitions and Lamentations,” a 28-minute episode expected to hit the net before the arrival of J.J. Abrams’ reboot of Star Trek, which arrives in theaters on May 8.

Whetting the appetite, a brand-new trailer for the episode has just been released on the net.

Check out the trailer and more news after the jump!

The episode is one of the series’ most ambitious yet–shot in 2007, the flick included a massive location shoot that featured a cast and crew of 20 people. Written by series lead Nick Cook (“Captain Daniel Hunter”) and directed by Steve Hammond (“Captain Jago Merik”), the flick finds an away team on Chiron IV, discovering an ancient settlement…and danger!

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  1. See JJ Abrams chatting to the Popcorn Taxi crew after the Sydney Star Trek premiere:

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