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NPR, Gollum, Star Wars Vs. Star Trek and Doctor Who: Fan Cinema Today’s Week in Tweets

If you follow the , you already know that you get extra stories that don’t appear on the blog; everyone else is missing out on that extra fan film awesomeness.

On the other hand, I hate to see a good thing go to waste, so here’s some Tweets of the Week. In the meantime, if you want to be in the know before everyone else, follow Fan Cinema Today on .

Wired goes behind-the-scenes on the Star Wars Vs. Star Trek fan film where the Death Star nails the Enterprise:

• Toy Con 2009 in the Philippines is holding a fan film contest:

• I wouldn’t qualify a few of these as fan films but whatever. RT: @LAscribe “Favorite Comic Book Fan Films”

Homemade Hollywood gets good review on Comic Related:

• TheRaider.Net is going to feature 36 (!) new Indiana Jones fan films over the next few weeks–here’s the first 5:

InsideReport‘s special edition on the recent Sci-Fi London film fest with Hunt For Gollum director interview:

• Cool list of the top 10 fan films based on the Metal Gear video game series:

• Intriguing: Cinemoods offers you to watch online a quality short-film depending on your mood. (not running yet).

• NPR lists all its favorite fan films–-Dead End, Iron Fist, Blue Beetle, World’s Greatest Fan Film and more!

• Here’s some mindless fun—enter your favorite fan film on YouTube into this and watch the chaos that ensues:

Doctor Who fan film magazine issue 6 out and downloadable now at

• “Gollum” in new Ent Weekly: Fan makes LOTR sequel for under $10K. Let’s give the bailout money to that dude. He can really stretch a dollar.

• Both fan films I’ve seen of Brian Michael Bendis’ work are interrogations—but they work. Good scene from Alias:

• NPR’s Culturetopia covers fan films:

• SciFi author Harry Harrison starred in Breathworld, a 1965 parody fan film of his own book, Deathworld:

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