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Steve Martin Broke Into Movies at Disneyland Thanks to Oldest Living Fan Film Filmmaker

Now how’s that for a tabloid headline? Even stranger, it happens to be true. Well, sort of. Robbins Barstow, who at 89 is still making amateur movies, shot a fan film in 1936 when he was 16. The story of Barstow and that flick—Tarzan and the Rocky Gorge—are covered in-depth in my book, Homemade Hollywood, [...]

See A 1936 Fan Film—And Meet The Filmmaker!

Early fan films are hard to find—in part because many of the filmmakers who made ‘em are no longer around. So this Sunday, November 9, will be a real treat if you happen to attend the Third Annual Hartford International Film Festival in Hartford, CT. Not only will you get to see a classic fan [...]

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