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Whedonverse Serenity / Firefly Fan Film Needs Extras

Disappointed by Dollhouse? Wish Joss Whedon was still bustin’ out Buffy? Well, we can’t help you with those, but if you’re dying to return to the world of Firefly and Serenity, here’s your opportunity to not only see a new story, but to be in it! Big Damn Fan Films, LLC is looking for extras [...]

FCT Poll: Is The Economy Affecting Your Fan Film?

I usually don’t post on Sundays, but I thought I’d try something new. [polldaddy poll=1043325] function change_color(input, id) { var obj = document.getElementById(id); if (obj) { obj.style.backgroundColor = “#” + input.value; //alert (obj.style.backgroundColor + ” for ” + obj.id); }} .color_viewer { border:1px solid; width:70px; background-color:#ffffff; padding-left:10px; } var platform=’wordpress’; var rel_url = document.location.href.replace( /[\?#].*/, [...]

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