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6 Lord of the Rings Fan Films Besides Hunt For Gollum

Now that you’ve seen the epic fan film, The Hunt for Gollum, you’re wondering, “What other Tolkein fan films are out there?” Well, surprisingly, despite the worldwide popularity of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, there aren’t tons of related fan films out there. It’s not all a barren wasteland, however—here’s some LOTR fan films [...]

Fan Film Review: HowItShouldHaveEnded.Com

There are people who make a fan film, there’s a handful who make fan films, and then there’s the folks who just latch on to the idea of producing fan flicks like Homer Simpson cuddling a brand-new, baby beer. That’s a bit like HowItShouldHaveEnded.Com. A homemade animation studio of sorts, the HISHE crew is basically [...]

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