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Terminator Resistance Fan Film Trailer Fires Away

There’s a summer full of blockbuster sequels ahead of us, and whenever one hits big, it inevitably spawns a number of fan films; just look at the wave of Batman flicks that followed The Dark Knight last year. Aiming to beat everyone to the punch, R. Majid of London-based Flawless Design Studios is hard at [...]

Fan Cinema Today Picks for New York Comic Con 2009

The 2009 New York Comic Con is upon us, so as Fan Cinema Today has done in the past, here’s FCT‘s top fan film-related choices for the weekend. The overall offerings at the convention are a little underwhelming compared to previous years, however, and the business panels in particular have been severely pruned back; gone [...]

Silver Surfer Fan Film—Substance or Flash?

UPDATED WITH INTERVIEW! There’s a five-minute short that’s been floating around the internet for ages, featuring the Marvel Comics fan favorite, The Silver Surfer. Watch the credits, and it appears to be a USC student film, made in 1994 by Steve Robiner, Erik Fleming and R.L. Once it was completed and screened around Hollywood, it [...]

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