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A Filmmaking Lesson From Christopher Guest

Christopher Guest is the, er, guest in an interview on Wired.Com today, and while he wasn’t talking about fan films, when the topic of democratizing the media comes up, his insightful views apply to all fan filmmakers: Wired.com: Technology has democratized entertainment, but it also has saturated it with sameness. Guest: Well, the fact that [...]

The Dark Knight’s Batmobile Needs A Fan Film!

Everyone has a talent in this life, even the people you can’t stand (they have a knack for pissing you off, after all). Movie fan Bob Dullam’s special talent, on the other hand, is to make your jaw drop, and if you don’t believe it, consider this: He built that Dark Knight Batmobile (AKA The [...]

Analysis: You Don’t Love Me Yet

Author Jonathan Lethem is something of a literary badboy, and his new novel, You Don’t Love Me Yet , plays that up a bit, not necessarily with the plot, which follows an L.A. band during the height of early ’90s alterna-rock, but rather with the book’s promotion. According to this article on Wired.com, he’s hellbent [...]

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