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IconlogoIf you ‘ve been reading this site at all, you know I like to run on at the mouth (or at the fingers, as the case may be). Well, if you ever wanted to experience that mind-numbing sensation in person, here’s your big chance. I’ll be hosting an hour of fan films at the upcoming I-Con 26 convention, held March 23-25 on the campus of SUNY Stony Brook on Long Island, NY. The program, Homemade Hollywood, will be from 1-2PM on Saturday, March 24 in Lecture Hall 102 of the Javits Lecture Hall Building.

I’ll be talking a bit about the history of fan films, from the 1920s to today and what they mean in the larger picture about society and technology. However, I know folks will be there to see flicks, not me yappin’, so I’ll have shorter fan movies and clips from longer fan productions to show. I haven’t settled on a final rundown, but you’ll probably see 07 (which I’ll be reviewing here on Fan Cinema Today tomorrow), The Fanimatrix, Grayson, World’s Finest, Harry Potter 5, and a few others. It’ll be a chance to not only see good flicks, but some variety among them as well.

There will be indie movies all weekend at I-Con, however, as well as panels on how to make your own movie for basically nothing and so forth. There’ll be marathons of TV series like Red Dwarf and Blake’s 7 (I’ve never seen either, so I guess I should stick my head in and watch a few minutes), plenty of major motion pictures and more. Then there’s the rest of the con, full of panels, author talks, wandering minstrels (really), folks dressed in costumes and plenty of other distractions. Plus, if you’d like to shoot Jar Jar Binks in the face (and let’s face it, even all these years later, who doesn’t want to blow his head off?), stop by the booth of Docking Bay 516, the Long Island chapter of Fan Force, which will be giving away prizes for the best shots. Start your target practice today!

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