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Iron Fist, Elektra & Star Wars Fan Films Team Up In NYC

This past weekend was a double-header of fan film goodness for Fan Cinema Today, as I hosted movie event/author talks two days in a row, first at Anthology Film Archives in New York City on Friday night, and then the next day, out on Long Island at I-Con 28, the long-running Sci-Fi convention. The Anthology [...]

The Homemade Hollywood Fan Film Book Nears Completion…Finally

The year closed out on a good note as the fan film book landed within striking distance of the end–I’m at 72,000 words, and while I still have two major fan films to cover in-depth and two chapters to write beyond that, the end is now definitely in sight. Once I’m done writing, I get [...]

News: FanForce Film Contest; I-Con Reminder

Yep, I know that two other major fan film contests have been announced recently, but in the interest of timeliness for this story, we’ll talk about those other two next week. Pittsburgh Comicon will be hosting a fan film contest this year as part of The 3rd Annual NorthEast FanForce Awards Ceremony on Saturday, April [...]

Fan Cinema Today Live!

If you ‘ve been reading this site at all, you know I like to run on at the mouth (or at the fingers, as the case may be). Well, if you ever wanted to experience that mind-numbing sensation in person, here’s your big chance. I’ll be hosting an hour of fan films at the upcoming [...]

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