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Update: Pink Five in Star Wars: Allegiance

SW NovelAt the recent New York Comic Con, author Timothy Zahn confirmed that his new Star Wars novel, , features a “walk-on part” of Stacey, the heroine of the Pink Five fan films.

Speaking at the Star Wars: Beyond 30 panel, which Del Rey Publishing held about its various Star Wars books and audio books, Zahn’s editor Shelly Shapiro inadvertedly first brought up the topic of Pink Five; when speaking about another author’s upcoming book, she remarked that “with one great sentence, he easily explained why no one talks about midi-chlorians in the original three movies.” Zahn then quipped something along the lines of “Was it the same way they explain it in Pink Five Strikes Back?” which got a chuckle from about half the room. Soon after, the floor was opened to a Q&A session and someone (OK, me) asked Zahn about Pink Five.

[Reponsible Journalist Note: The following is as close an approximation of what was said as I can recall, as my @#$%& digital recorder didn't record the response.]

Zahn confirmed that the character was Stacey, and that he included her as an in-joke and as a tribute of sorts to the Pink Five movies, which he had enjoyed. Turning to his editor, Shapiro, he asked if she’d caught that it was Stacey, and she drew a blank, though it was quite reasonably noted by one of them that she had read so many Star Wars novels since editing Allegiance that it would be almost impossible to now remember a cameo that lasts only one page.

Zahn went on to say that he had met “the guy who made Pink Five” [Trey Stokes] at the San Diego Comic Con and that when they were introduced, Stokes gave him a DVD of the series up to that point. “It was the last one he had on him,” said Zahn. “In fact, he didn’t even have any more of them; he was all out, so he ran over to a friend of his who he’d given it to and asked to take it back so he could give it to me! It was really nice of him and I think they movies are great, so I put Stacey in there as a little ‘thank you’ or a shout-out.”

Zahn then went on to mention that he’d donesome something similar with an earlier Star Wars book, inserting [a group of characters I'd never heard of from somewhere in the fan-created Star Wars universe] into [a book I don't recall]. He added that if he “is asked” to write a sequel to Allegiance, he tentatively would like to write about the early formation of the 501st Legion–a move that would bring the popular Stormtrooper costuming group even further into the folds of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

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