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Homemade Hollywood Arrives In Stores TODAY!

Well, today’s October 15—the big day when Homemade Hollywood: Fans Behind The Camera hits the shelves! A full 10 years after I first had the idea for this baby, it’s finally out of my head and into the real world. Here’s a goofy idea: If you see a copy of the book out in the [...]

So, How’s That Fan Film Book Coming?

Y’know, whenever you watch a movie where there’s an author character, the first thing everyone says to him/her is ‘How’s the new book coming?’—and invariably the writer responds with a sigh and a complaint about writer’s block. That never happens in real life, of course—not the writer’s block part, but the people asking how the [...]

Update: Pink Five in Star Wars: Allegiance

At the recent New York Comic Con, author Timothy Zahn confirmed that his new Star Wars novel, Allegiance, features a “walk-on part” of Stacey, the heroine of the Pink Five fan films. Speaking at the Star Wars: Beyond 30 panel, which Del Rey Publishing held about its various Star Wars books and audio books, Zahn’s [...]

News: Pink Five Cameos In New Star Wars Novel

The rumors are true: Everyone’s favorite Valley-Girl-in-space, Stacey from the Pink Five fan film trilogy, turns up in the new Star Wars novel, Allegiance, by Timothy Zahn. Since the Pink Five movies present info that alters your perception of the original Star Wars trilogy, Zahn returns the favor, casting a new light on Stacey’s relationship [...]

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