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The Homemade Hollywood Fan Film Book Nears Completion…Finally

The year closed out on a good note as the fan film book landed within striking distance of the end–I’m at 72,000 words, and while I still have two major fan films to cover in-depth and two chapters to write beyond that, the end is now definitely in sight. Once I’m done writing, I get to tear it all up and shove it all back together again in a massive loquaciousness-slashing frenzy. Hard to believe it’s gonna be on store shelves in five months….

In the meantime, it looks as if Newsday may give the book a little push in February, as I recently did an interview with the paper as part of a feature they’re doing on the upcoming Jack Black movie, Be Kind, Rewind. I hear mixed things about the flick, but the director, Michel Gondry, is usually pretty interesting–I actually talk about his early work extensively in my library program, Video Killed The Radio Star: The History of Music Videos.

In the meantime, I’ve firmed up what will turn out to be my third appearance at the I-Con SciFi convention at SUNY Stony Brook on April 5, once again talking about–and showing plenty of–fan films.

Speaking of travel—hey, going to the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA this month? Stop by the NewBay Media/Pro Sound News booth and say “Hi.” I’ll be there Jan. 17-20, talking to the pro audio pros, hearing the latest gear and stalking asking Elliot Easton for an autograph.

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