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New Batman Fan Films, Part 2

Any time a big franchise movie comes out, it inevitably motivates fans to grab a video camera and make fan films. The upcoming July 18 release of The Dark Knight in theaters, however, has inspired a number of intrepid filmmakers to shoot their own flicks beforehand, in hopes of releasing them in time to surf the wave of hype building for the Hollywood movie. Today, we look into a Blair Witch Project-styled Bats flick, The Dark Knight Project, being shot by professional film editor Jerry Vasilatos in Chicago.

According to, the movie will follow two high schoolers as they try to capture the first video footage of Batman for a school project. The characters Heather Nolan and Mikey Bale (whose names allude to the director and star of the Dark Knight feature film) witness a bomb scare evacuation, and are ultimately saved from The Joker’s henchmen by the Caped Crusader himself.

In an effort to add an extra dimension to the movie, the young main characters have been blogging about getting Bats on tape on .

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