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New Batman Fan Films, Part 1: Batman Madman

With Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls out of the way, it seems like the next big franchise movie that people are looking forward to this summer is The Dark Knight. As proof of that anticipation is running high, there’s a number of Batman fan flicks that are aiming to come out between now at TDK‘s July 18 release date. I’m gonna feature a few of them in the next few days days, starting with Batman Madman.

This flick wrapped production earlier this month and is currently hoping for release over the July 4th weekend. Even though it’s not out yet, director/producer Jim Kline already gets a big thumbs up from FCT for a comment he put on the film’s blog:

“My biggest pet peeve with low-budget & no-budget indie films is bad audio,” Jim said. “I can tolerate a bad acting performance, lo-res visuals, and whatnot, but when the dialog sounds like it was recorded in an echo chamber, a tiled bathroom, or a coffee can, it quickly becomes a chore to pay attention or even care about what’s going on. So we (the producers) are planning a big re-record weekend where all of the audio that doesn’t meet our standard will be fixed. This may be the deciding factor as to whether we meet the July 4th release date.”

Plenty of fan films have been delayed for their special effects, but holding back one until it’s actually listenable? I like this guy already. As for the movie, we’ll see how it turns out, but the trailer on their website could use a little paring back—it takes a few minutes to get to what appears to be the main plot: Joker kidnaps Robin and turns him into a Mini-Me of sorts. It’s an interesting idea, so I hope the execution does it justice.

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3 Responses to “New Batman Fan Films, Part 1: Batman Madman”

  1. Christopher Moshier

    Not sure about this one. Most of the time if there is a fan film I’m not crazy about I go on to one I’m jazzed about. But I’m vocal now just voice my opinion on the Batman fan film. It’s been done to death and much better. Time to dust off some other unused characters. Check out the new DC Elseworld for example. These film makers are bringing character to the FF not yet seen in live action.

  2. J. Dippold

    The film, Batman Madman, is now complete and available for viewing and download.

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