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Marketing Lessons From A Star Trek Fan Film

Way back in May, I mentioned an article where Trey Stokes, writer / director of the Pink Five fan film series, gave advice on how to take what you’ve learned in the real world and apply it to creating a fan production.

Taking things in the opposite direction, now there’s an article where Mark Hildebrand, producer / director of the Starship Farragut fan film series, gives advice on how to take what you’ve learned creating a fan production and apply it to the real world (if you work in marketing or public relations).

Hildebrand visited Strategic Communications Group, a PR firm in Silver Spring, MD, to give a lecture as part of the company’s professional development program. There, he shared his thoughts on ways to entertain an audience while presenting a message to it, based on lessons he learned the hard way while making his fan films.

Strategic’s CEO, Marc Hausman, wrote the article to summarize the lecture, noting:

“Hildebrand’s suggestions on how to create compelling and entertaining content serve as a primer for public relations and marketing professionals challenged to promote their companies in traditional PR and social media channels.”

Sound stuffy? It’s not—Hausman interprets Hildebrand’s comments from a unique perspective, analyzing fan films the same way a mechanic might look at an engine. The result is an thought-provoking checklist of ways to fine-tune your movie—or message—to maximize its effectiveness.

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