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Trey Stokes’ Fan Filmmaking Advice

Making a fan film looks easy, but it ain’t. It takes patience, stamina, time, money, actors, equipment and, oh yeah, talent. (And a tripod—how many fan films have you seen where the cameraman coulda been an alcoholic clown with the shakes? You see my point). Once you get all those goodies together, it still takes a heady mix of skill, luck and perseverance to make a great fan film.

So if you needed advice on how to make one, wouldn’t you want to turn to someone whose fan flicks are bona-fide hits? A guy who can count George Lucas amongst his legions of fans? Someone with a track record of two and two-thirds of a legendary fan film series under his belt? Hell yeah, of course.

Chris Albrecht of instinctually knew that, too, and turned to Trey Stokes, the mind behind Pink Five (one of George Lucas’ favorite Star Wars send-ups) when he wrote up this article on how to make a fan film. Lots of great advice from Trey here (who I interviewed extensively for ). The only thing I’d add is that if you’re going to make a fan film, don’t tell anyone about it online until you’re done; otherwise you’ll never finish it. This affliction doesn’t have a name, but it ought to; I suggest Tydirium Syndrome…but that’s just me.

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