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I have lots of little news items that have been lying around, and for some reason, they all concern countries other than the one that monopolizes fan films—the U.S. I meant to give each of these its own massive post, but I think a general catch-all is in order instead, like a giant meeting of the United National General Fan Film Security Council. Read on, and see what cool stuff awaits.

• In Spain, Miguel Mesas has been making a slew of cool fan films like the wildly popular Batman: Arkham Asylum. He’s also turned out flicks like Bad Boy, based on the graphic novel written by Frank Miller; Captain Harlock, based on the popular animated series, and Slaine: The Horned God based on a graphic novel by Pat Mills. (Thanks to Isaac Alexander).

• Russia’s been in the news a lot recently, but here at FCT, we don’t get political. The reason I mention the country is because it now has its own website all about fan films, (go ahead and click the link—it goes to pages translated into English). Most of the films appear to be native to the region, but occasionally there’s ones from elsewhere, ranging from Moonraker 78 to Ryan Vs. Dorkman II. If you want to see what your cinematic commrads are up to, go take a look.

• In the UK, Gladys San Juan planning a country-wide fan film festival for 2009–bookmark the barebones website, for details in the future or write Gladys at [email protected].

• The gang behind the upcoming Lord of the Rings fan film, The Hunt For Gollum recently added several pages of a “Behind The Scenes” section to its site. The pages feature concept art, info and photos, including Q&As from the key crew, art department, costumes and new pics from the set. Personally, I always find this kind of thing worrisome, as it tends to mean that someone heavily involved in a fan film has time to kill—which in turn means that there’s no progress on their flick. I have a feeling, though, that these guys will be the exception to the rule.

• …and finally, come back tomorrow for the latest—and easily the best—installment of FCT’s five-part interview with Rajneel Singh, director of The Fanimatrix (shot in New Zealand, so it counts as part of the non-U.S. Fan Film news). Singh landed work as a professional based on his flick, and the advice he lays down in tomorrow’s segment is the smartest, most thoughtful commentary that I’ve heard from a fan filmmaker in a very long time. Don’t miss it!

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