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Non-U.S. Fan Film News

I have lots of little news items that have been lying around, and for some reason, they all concern countries other than the one that monopolizes fan films—the U.S. I meant to give each of these its own massive post, but I think a general catch-all is in order instead, like a giant meeting of [...]

Interview: Fanimatrix Director Rajneel Singh

Today starts our epic interview with Rajneel Singh, director of the classic Matrix fan film, The Fanimatrix. If you’ve seen the 16-minute flick, you know that Singh can make a pulse-pounding action flick on a non-existent budget; if you haven’t seen it and you happen to dig Keanu Reeves’ second-best franchise, then you owe it [...]

Re-Enter The Matrix with The Fanimatrix

Five years ago this month, a pair of determined martial artists from New Zealand teamed up to make an incredible fan film: The Fanimatrix. At the time, hype for the Matrix feature film trilogy was hitting stratospheric heights; caught up in the excitement, Rajneel Singh and Steven A. Davis of Auckland, NZ, decided to see [...]

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