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Fan Film Trailers: Batman, Potter, Cloverfield!

Generally, I don’t do much about fan film trailers here on FCT—by my estimation, maybe 80 percent of fan movies never reach completion, which means in turn that most fan film trailers are promises that will never be kept. Still, I love to be proven wrong, so with that in mind, here’s a few coming attractions that may or may not be coming to an internet near you (and let’s hope they are):

• Here’s one I hope makes it to the finish line: Batman: Foresaken. This thing looks like a million bucks (OK, at least a few thousand), plus it has every supporting character out there—Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, etc.—except Robin.

• Indestruct Films is making a Cloverfield fan film, , and has a trailer that uses stock photos of disasters—no original footage. That doesn’t bode well, but hey, you never know.

• The series, which I’ve written about before, has posted a new trailer. This flick has the distinction of being the first fan film based on a Harry Potter fanfic story (what an smart idea), and it certainly has one of the most enthusiastic crews I’ve dealt with.

• There always seems to be a few Highlander fan films poking around the net; here’s the latest trailer for .

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